ESTEEM Youth work responses to young people well- being

Young people face different issues related to challenges of adolescence and transition period which may include self- perception and self-management, school, family and relationship problems. When young people get overstressed or find the pressure too high to manage, the consequences for mental health are destructive behaviours such as self-harming, mild depression, difficult relationships at home and with friends, anger management issues, low self-esteem and self- confidence, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, disengagement, isolation and dropping out from education.

European Youth goals define well-being and mental health as priority aspects of a life of young person and a priority area to be thoroughly paid attention to when developing up-to-date policy initiatives and youth work responses. Mental health and well-being are core qualities of life and a prerequisite for constant development of a young person’s potential, readiness to take responsibility and care about their life, build healthy relationships, choose educational and professional paths, be autonomous and active members of the society.