Youth for inclusion – TC in Croatia… coming soon!!!

Youth for inclusion, inclusion for youth


Association of deaf and hard of hearing Nova Gradiška started the implementation of another project under Erasmus+ Programme framework. The project was approved by Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes, which is responsible for implementing this program in Croatia.

The project is a KA 1 Learning mobility of individuals Training course under the title „Youth for inclusion, inclusion for youth“ (Y4II4Y) and its implementation started in January this year. The project will last until October 2017.

The project was developed in partnership between several European organizations, namely: PlanBe, Plan it, Be it from Cyprus, Baltic Regional fund from Latvia, Zavod Mladinska Mreža from Slovenia, AC Amics de la Biblioteca de la Fonteta from Spain, Connect from Italy and RE:Mediu from Romania.

The project aims to explore a different approach to the topic of social inclusion by providing a space to exchange practices, opinions and new ideas. The training course will be addressed to 21 youth workers, youth leaders, volunteers and multipliers, and it will be held in Nova Gradiška, Croatia in April 2017.

Experiential learning methods and participatory approach will provide participants the competencies, skills and knowledge needed to address the topic of inclusion using an innovative approach. They will gain experience, knowledge and skills needed to design new methods in the inclusion methodology pool and empower themselves in order to contribute to their personal and professional development, thereby improving the quality of youth work.

The implementation of this project will result in higher level of awareness about the importance of social inclusion in the communities involved.

We are strongly convinced that this project will have a long term benefit because it will lead to greater effort in developing and implementing inclusion strategies of high quality that will ensure reaching higher levels of social cohesion throughout Europe.