The new Key Competences of the Lifelong Learning

The framework of the Key Competences for Lifelong Learning has been revised in May 2018. The new Key Competences already appear on the Youthpass certificates of the European Solidarity Corps. For the Erasmus+, the change will affect all the projects that are entered into Youthpass database on August 20 or later. The change will not affect the Erasmus+ projects that have been entered into the Youthpass database before that date.

The revised Key Competences are:

1.   Multilingual competence

2.   Personal, social and learning to learn competence

3.   Citizenship competence

4.   Entrepreneurship competence

5.   Cultural awareness and expression competence

6.   Digital competence

7.   Mathematical competence and competence in science, technology and engineering

8.   Literacy competence

For more information on this change, have a look at this leaflet where the changes (compared to the previous framework) are explained.