EcoYoung on Pedals

Card game instructions:

Shuffle the deck and deal 3 cards to each player.
Place the deck on the table facedown within the reach of all players. The discard pile will be placed next to it, faceup. When the deck runs out, simply flip over the discard pile. It’s not necessary to shuffle again.
WIN THE GAME: Be the first player to complete your FULL BIKE SET (wheel, brakes, chain and the biker).
If you place 4 different parts (and they are in good conditions) on the table in front of you, you win!

Each player must have 3 cards in their hand at the beginning of each turn and is allowed to take only one action per turn. After their turn, the player draws cards from the deck on the table to complete their hand of 3 cards.
Play the different types of cards by placing them on the table in front of you to build your bike, or on your opponents’ cards to stop them from completing their bike before you.
Some cards can make you discard or change your bike-parts, repair them or others. Develop your strategy to be the first one to form a complete bike.
Pay attention to other players’ moves because you must also prevent their attempts at completing their bikes before you.

On your turn, you can choose one action among 2: either play one of your cards or discard (one or two or three cards). Then, after playing or discarting, take new cards to end your turn with 3 cards.

Remember that your goal is to create a full bike (4 parts) in front of you and the different parts need to be ok. But in order to win, you need the other players not to win, so you can play your cards against them to “break” their parts (only if necessary!!! Don’t be too mean!!!).


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This is an Erasmus+ project.