Soup Community Stage

The Soup Community Stage framework is designed to motivate neighbours in rural areas and small and medium-sized cities to share problems, ideas and solutions around local issues and untapped opportunities, with the aim of developing their community. 
The forum side of Soup is all about purposeful networking. When local people come together with a like-minded purpose in mind, there is a powerful space for problem-solving, new friendships, and different viable project-ideas to emerge. In the context of a Soup dinner, people know better how to ask for help, and how to give support.
Using the format of a cozy dinner, Soup creates a safe space that works as a forum and as a collaboration hub. When a person comes for a bowl of soup and listens to 4 locals pitch their ideas to them, they get informed about problems and opportunities in their community they may have not been aware of before.
The collaboration side of Soup is all about micro-granting value. A soup dinner creates the conditions for different forms of value to be invested. Some examples are 1) high-quality/expert feedback coming from the audience, 2) great volunteering opportunities around engaging and emerging projects, 3) more financial investment.

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