TBG – Teaching By Gaming

Our new project Teaching By Gaming has started.

Our tasks in the project are:

– Elaboration of the four Intellectual Outputs (IO1 Study, IO2 Toolkit, IO3 Game Collection, IO 4 Recommendations) in cooperation with the project partners

– Implementation of one multiplier events in Spain

– Participation in five transnational meetings 

– Contribution to the Progress, Interim and Final Reports 

The main objectives of this project are promoting inclusion and diversity in adult education, improving the competences of educators and other adult education staff and to give concrete advise on how to use games in adult education about European values such as inclusion, diversity, participation and engagement. That includes methods of addressing the target group, shaping learning environments through games, exploring the strengths and limitations of the use of games in adult education, best-practice examples, information/instructions about special games, information about what games can be used for as well as concrete methods to implement games in educational activities and working environments.

Website of the project: (soon!)

Coordinating organisation:
HochVier – Gesellschaft für politische und interkulturelle Bildung e.V.

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