Digital Hoop

Project Description:

Il Circolo digitale: Piattaforma digitale per la diffusione dell’impresa sociale in zone ad alto tasso d’inattività giovanile – English acronym “Digital Hoop”, number ID 2022-2-IT03-KA220-YOU-000097445, is a project funded by the Erasmus Plus – Youth Sector programme, whose aim is to spread the skills and practices of social entrepreneurship to promote them among young people with fewer opportunities, while at the same time improving the skills of youth workers.

The results you want to achieve are different:

  • the improvement of non-formal education methods to be applied to work with vulnerable groups;
  • the exchange of knowledge between specialists from partner countries;
  • increasing knowledge of new methods to promote youth social entrepreneurship;
  • raising the qualifications of the specialists involved;
  • increasing the essential qualifications/skills for entrepreneurship of the target groups regarding the problem of entrepreneurship of young people with fewer opportunities.

Target Group:

Direct target group:

1) Young NEETs aged 19-29 who want to improve their entrepreneurial skills.

2) Youth and social workers working in youth centers, career and recruitment organizations, other economic structures.

Indirect target group:

Entrepreneurial trainers, business experts, owners of social enterprises (selected based on their skills relevant to the topic of the project).


  3. Asociatia «Centrul pentru Dezvoltarea Instrumentelor Structurale» (CPDIS) – Slatina – Romania;
  4. AC Amics de la Biblioteca de la Fonteta (Amics) – Agres – Spain.

Coordinator: Education In Progress – Italy.

Final Results: 

  1. GUIDELINES: both for the MENTORING phase and for CAPACITY TRAINING.
  2. Methodological framework for implementation;
  3. The Online Digital Hoop platform (Digital Hoop Planning Program Online (DHPPO) – an An interactive online platform that will help young people outline the business idea in their head.
  4. Training Course and Capacity Training:
    1. Training course for youth workers on how to become a social entrepreneurship tutor and leader of training courses; 
    2. Skills training on social entrepreneurship for young people with fewer opportunities.
  5. Mentorship Programme, the mentoring program by youth workers for young people with fewer opportunities who would like to become entrepreneurs.
  6. DEOR strategy (dissemination materials and website).

For more information, visit the project website [Coming soon]

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